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Overlooking Fire Safety
While many new parents think about the nursery colors, clothing and furniture, how many think about ways to safeguard their home against fire? A recent survey of more than 400 new and expectant parents revealed that fire safety isnÍt even one of their top three concerns when preparing the home for a child, even though statistics show it should be.
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Unprepared and Unaware: Top Survey Results
In an effort to provide the public with important fire and carbon monoxide home safety information, Kidde, the world's largest residential fire safety product manufacturer, commissioned a survey of new and expectant parents to determine their fire safety awareness and preparation. Kelton Research conducted the telephone survey of 407 new and expectant parents over the age of 18 between June 20 and 27, 2007.
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Childproofing Basics
Each year an average of 1.37 million children under age 5 suffer from unintentional home injuries and an additional 1500 children die from them, according to the Home Safety CouncilÍs State of Home Safety in America. Help protect your children by incorporating the following tips into your childproofing plan:
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Fire Risks and Childproofing
Young children face one of the highest risks of dying in a fire because they depend on others to get them out of a home quickly. Begin practicing good fire safety before you bring baby home from the hospital, and incorporate it into your overall childproofing plan.
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