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Practice the Drill
  • Practice your family’s home escape plan frequently. It is absolutely essential that your children practice fire drills during the day and at night from different locations throughout the house. The more experience they have, the better prepared they will be for a quick escape.

  • Make sure everyone knows what the smoke alarm sounds like.

  • You do not have to frighten your children to perform an effective fire drill. Conducting the drill with advance warning and explaining that it is only a drill still reinforces important skills.

  • At night, practice two ways out of every room to mimic the most difficult situation you might encounter.

  • Share your fire escape plan with visitors and overnight guests. If your children are participating in a sleepover, inquire about the hosting family’s fire escape plan. If they do not have one, offer to help them develop one.

Download an Escape Plan Worksheet » [164KB PDF]

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